[Custom Component] Tapo: Cameras Control


I want to be able to add different camera but they are remote (over wan) How I can do that? Is there any way to do it?

I managed to add 1 but for more than one from the same public ip it’s not possible because the port i cannot forward 2020/443/554 to multiple camera.


Just a shout out to thank you for a very well integrated integration.

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Hi there,

I use the integration since two weeks.
it works good, but if I click on the live stream I had to wait 5-10 secs until the camera is activated.
Is there a way to reduce the time?


Check big delay in camera.

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Hi All,

I am rather new to ha and I am trying to get the Tapo camera control integration working although each time I try to set it up with the ip address of the camera, Tapo app username (which is my email address) and the password I also use for the app, I consistently get ‘failed to connect’.

I have used VLC to verify that I can connect to the camera on the network and I have also got it into ha using the generic camera intergration.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate the help, but go easy, please

Hi, you need to tell us more. Exact steps you are taking, what you see in logs and exact error message.

Make sure to also read all the information in readme and config flow really carefully.

Will have another look through and see what I can find, thank you

I had the same problem until I remembered that I had a vpn-tunel on.

I got my Tapo C310 today, I have installed the integration, added the camera and get a stream. However the state of the streams say they are in idle, so I got a statement in my stream that it is inactive, even if its fully functioning. How do I get the sensors for stream to on? Please tell me if you need more info.

which card are you using ?, show the code, and pic

To be honest I am not really sure, since I use Dwains Dashboard and the entity was there with live stream picture after I had set up the integration and added the camera.

EDIT: PictureSkjermbilde 2023-07-19 kl. 20.37.26

How do yo edit your cards ?

Sometimes I write yaml, other times I just pick the card. It depends. I ttried the picture-glance card, then I did not get a stream.

And what card is that, dont you know howto edit that (meaning see it’s yaml !)

PS: on the other hand, i think your questions belong on the “Dwains Dashboard” Topic , but im sure you need to provide some relevant info there also, not a pic of an “unidentified” card

Well in Dwains Dashboard, the entities get automatically added, and I do not know which card that is, probably a entity card. Going to check that out, but still the sensors for the stream says sensor inactive. Skjermbilde 2023-07-19 kl. 20.46.26

That it shows “idle” is normal, i think, but you can hide that(in the card), so how it shows in a card, and which options depends entirely on the card , and actually also the performance.
So i believe that your “inactive” is the same as “idle” (- show_state: false) will hide that, but then you might not see if it’s “Recording” etc.

I can confirm the card used is the picture entity card. So I have now edited it, and removed the name and status. It now only shows the picture. Thanks for your help boheme61. But still curious, is it normal that the sensor (stream) is idle?

I got som more questions if someone can answer or point me in the direction where to find the answer. I would love to start a recording when someone calls the door bell, is this possible? And the second one, if I store it on a SD-card, can I play the video from HA then?

And the stream is incredible slow, like sending several still pictures with a few seconds delay.

Yes , You need to make an automation for this , something like ( if "door bell active/on , action “start recording(entity/service)” )

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camera_view: live

to your picture-entity card

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