Custom docker workload under Homeassistnt superisor?


I wonder if I can easily spin up some custom docker workloads on the homeassistant supervisor?

My Home-Asistant Rasperry is ‘always-on’ it would be great to use it for some extra tasks. In my case some basic network monitoring with smokeping.
But I guess this could be used for a bunch of useful workloads.

Once you have installed the Portainer add-on: Home Assistant Community Add-on: Portainer then yes.

That sounds pretty cool. Unfortunately I don’t see the addon in my addon-store page. ( I have advanced mode on of course)

Odd, not sure if I’m holding it wrong. Maybe a version conflict? I’m on the beta track.


Might not be available anymore, less knowledgeable users were using it to run all sorts of Docker containers and it was becoming a support nightmare. The official stance is that the Home Assistant OS is for people who just want Home Assistant to work out of the box, and never have to delve in to the underlying OS. Home Assistant supervised is for people who want more control over the operating system and the ability to run other stuff that is not Home Assistant related.

But as soon as you do that your HA install becomes unsupported. Not really a big loss but it should be mentioned.

the bigger issue is if the system becomes “unhealthy”. Then you can’t update HA until it’s fixed.

That will never be an issue with other install types.

ha jobs options --ignore-conditions healthy
Is a workaround…

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Don’t know what you are trying to achieve, but you could look into those community / third-party add-ons. There are dozens out there already.
Home Assistant Community Add-ons (… or go to the add-on store from the GUI.

If there’s none you are looking for, the proper way is to, er, properly build your own add-on. See developer docs:
Tutorial: Making your first add-on | Home Assistant Developer Docs (

(Yes the portainer and ignore healthy tricks would work, but only for users who know what they are doing, I’d say.)

@k8gg yes, I should probably investigate that. I don’t really need this to be a HA add-on, but at least it would be cool if it were actually properly integrate with the supervisor. Even if it’s otherwise not functional regarding HA.

This is about the point where you move away from HA OS and just use some linux + docker + portainer. Community addons are great but begin to introduce risk and may not always be up to date. This can actually create more difficulty, limitations and need for workaround vs direct docker install on linux.

Just providing alternative to consider.

I am actually considering to host HA on a kubrnetes cluster. But I think if I do that I will lose all supervisor functionality and I do like how add-ons work out of the box.

I only have limited capacity. I’m not sure I really want to attack the problem from the most extreme angle yet. Right now I would love to keep the supervisor integration and come back to the question once I grokked the entire system much more.

Quite frankly I’m not even sure I want to stay with HA. It looks great, but it absolutely lacks a consistent or at least obvious design.
Maybe I’ll end up more happy with iobroker…

I think I will for now just wrap my docker into a custom add-on and see how that feels.

I ended up with influxDB, Grafana and GitHub - Sabuto/hassio-telegraf

Lot’s to learn and not an exact 1:1 replacement. But worth doing I think…