Custom integration for Gl-inet routers!

Hey HarvsG! Would love to know if you ever managed to build this integration. I recently moved from an Omada system with two APs to two gl-inet Beryl AXs (one set up as an AP) mostly for improved wireless speeds and native WireGuard support, and adguard home is a nice addition too.

My use case looks very similar to yours, would like some ability to view vpn clients, router resources, and maybe even control clients from HA, which I have running in docker on a NAS.

I couldn’t get the OpenWRT Luci integration working for me (not sure if this is a gl-inet issue or my server’s issue) but from what I’ve read it isn’t very full-featured anyway.

If you’re still working on this I’d love to help out! Or if you’ve got it up a running, even better.

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Yes I built a python API GitHub - HarvsG/gli_py: A python 3 API wrapper for GL-inet routers. [WIP] - which was broken by a dependency (uplink 0.9.7) now fixed in 0.0.14

This is the custom component, it only has functionality for device tracking at the moment and you have to run sudo docker exec homeassistant pip install uplink==0.9.5 on home assistant to get it to work for the moment.

tagging @EliTheTechGuy, would be very happy for you to contribute PRs. The code for the integration is not pretty, so anything from code clean-up to adding features in the Todo list in the readme would be amazing