Custom UI: Mini media player

This is awesome! Thanks.

Only “issue” is the “Input Text” banner. Any way to get rid of that?

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Very nice solution, will adopt

Not sure what has change in new version ?

Is there a way to choose also the source of the media_player?

The buttons are for an individual media_player correct? Anyway to be able to choose playlist AND media_player?

Are talking about the Spotify player to allow you to select the speaker source? @anon35356645

I was referring to all type of media_players: be able to chose source. Of course for those that have it (speakers no need)

I will check.

I use mopidy (media_player.mopidy) as spotify player, because media_player.spotify half of the time does not work

does it work with 10 players? Was working with 8, I added 2 and now not working (maybe a misspell, but can’t see it)

Thanks works fine on windows 10 PC with Chrome
But not with Mac Chrome i tried the reload but its come up with just comes up with a blank box.


Here you go
PC Version

Mac Version

Hope you can see them.


no, spotify has still no source

I did restart HA to see the changes.

With 9 media player works, adding the 10th no

Its working with the same code on the PC version but not MAC.

Is it possible to add Mopidy as Spotify (with source)

I use it as Spotify media_player, so I think yes

@eddi89 - TTS card is now working fine on my system, but I still have the problem that this will only display on one tab at a time :cry:

If you can tell me what information you need from where to debug I can sort that out, but I’m at a complete loss and would really like to get this working.

@iantrich - are you still having the same issue??

Yep, that’s sorted it :grinning::grinning:

Your work is great! I love it! Working on multiple tabs now and on iOS 11 (Not 10 for any browser for some reason)

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This is fantastic, thanks for doing this!