Cygnett smart plug

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Howdy, brand new to HA and am struggling with a couple of smart plugs I have.
They are from Cygnett (LINK

I can see them in Google home and the Cygnett App, however I can not seem to get them into Home Assistant.
I can see how I can sync entities with Google Home (I have activated Cloud). Is there a way to sync devices FROM Google home into Home Assistant?
Alternatively, has anyone used these plugs and been able to add to HA (Very much a NOOB so not quite ready for flashing etc)?

I’m using raspberry pi / starting to get my head around MQTT but haven’t got that to work yet)…
There’s so much good stuff here, I start something then stumble on something new :slight_smile: :rofl:



Does not look like they are Tuya based and there is no home assistant integration for Cygnett.

They are compatible with Homekit. You could try adding them through Configuration / Integrations / homekit accessory. No idea if it will work.

Thanks @tom_l
It took a number of attempts but I was finally able to get it to appear in HA.

Can you share your configuration that worked with the Cygnett plugs?

Hi @Shiny, there isn’t any config, it just has to be set up.

I struggled to get it to work but found the following worked about 80% of the time.
Make sure you have the device, Home Assistant and your phone all together. The time the plug is available is not much and I had to do the following a couple of times to get it to work. Since then, I’ve had no issues.

You will also need the Homekit integration. I notice that has been updated in the latest release so not sure if the following will still work.

If you already have a ‘Home’ set up on your IOS device (in the Apple IOS Home App, not the Home Assistant IOS App) you may want to create a second temporary one as you need to delete it.

  1. Make sure the plug is full factory reset
  2. Add the device to IOS Home App (I couldn’t get this to work using the Cygnett App) by scanning the icon
  3. Once it has successfully added (don’t go through the full process like assigning it to a room), delete the whole HOME you set up in the Apple IOS Home APP and then force close it
  4. Immediately hold the reset button on the plug for 2-3 seconds and the LED should flash as it attempts to reconnect to your IOS HOME APP
  5. Home Assistant should then auto discover the plug and you should get a notification
  6. Add the device (you are asked for the CODE printed on the plug)

That’s it. But I often stumbled trying to read the code on the plug and by the time I entered it, HA said the device was no longer available.

Good Luck!

I have added the plugs to HA via HomeKit integration, but am only able to turn them on and off. Do you see the power monitoring through HA?

I’m the same. Unfortunately I don’t see the power monitoring sensors as well. Only to toggle the switch on-off :frowning:

Yeah same here… I was just happy to finally get the switch.