Dahua VTO to MQTT Broker

I’m using an integration I wrote (didn’t released it yet, but using it over a year),
It’s a docker running locally (written in C#) that gets images every second from camera (I have 16 at home, currently 2 are using it, but it supports multiple) and calls DeepStack AI,
Once a registered face is being found, it publishes an MQTT message,
My Node-RED is getting it and start processing the details, chooses which door to open if exceeded the desired confidence level and then sends push notifications.

I think I found the bug, it takes 10 seconds to update, which misses in 2-3 seconds the ring, now it works.

In addition, added new event dahuavto_ring upon ring.

Updated OP

Ok i tested it this morning it seems to be working. But i have to test it later devoting more time. Thanks for the quick response !!!

Also do you happen to know how to fix the issue where if i open the stream of VTO through VLC i can hear also the audio but when i access the same stream from Hassio through a picture glance card no audio comes through?

So after testing extensively i can confirm 100% that it is working as expected !!!
Thanks for the support :smiley:

If we find a way to have 2 way talk and not loose the RFID tag functionality then we can talk for a full scale integration which whould be sweet :smiley:

Waiting for your Face recognition integration to play around also cheers.


as for the face reco, have some other components (BlueIris, HP Printer and EdgeOS) to complete and monitor for not issues and will get to release it.

will update you once it will be ready :slight_smile:

Hi, I have VTO2111D-WP connected by wire. “binary_sensor.dahua_vto_available” and “dahuavto.open” works well but “dahuavto_ring” event is never triggered.
Do you have any idea why it’s going there?

idem same problem

I tried the component but i had to remove it because it gener ates terrible lag in the ui

In the log i can see lot of timeouts

Did this happen to anyone?

2020-02-26 18:22:03 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.dahuavto.dahuavto_data] VTO Request to /cgi-bin/recordFinder.cgi?action=find&name=VideoTalkLog failed, Error: HTTPConnectionPool(host='telecameracitofono.fritz.box', port=80): Read timed out. (read timeout=5), Line: 98

ringing notification does not work me as well:

I also own a VTO2111D-WP, it notices it’s online and it also noticed it missed a call after ringing stopped on the VTH, time shown looks accurate

my timezone is GMT+1 (amsterdam)
firmware in VTO2111D-WP is 2019-03-20 V4.300.0000000.6.R (sip configured)

data from HA:

appAutoStart true
deviceType VTO2111D
hardwareVersion 1.00
processor dm365
updateSerial VTO2111D
Last Ring 2020-02-28T19:19:34
Last Update 2020-02-28T20:12:44.658435
CallType Outgoing
CreateTime 1582917574
EndState Missed
LocalNumber 8001
MessageTime 0
PeerNumber 101
PeerType VTH
RecNo 135
TalkTime 0
CreateDateTime 2020-02-28T20:19:34
CreatedDate 2020-02-28T19:19:34

Is there a way to connect 2 VTOs?

Noticed it also and trying to find a way to solve it

Currenty there is support just for one, will add multiple integrations

VTO2111D-WP creates an event only after answering.

Seems that all units are doing the same, need to find a way to listen to the event being sent, maybe something on the stream

I found a solution:

I read it in the past, it basically means that we need to have a proxy server for push notifications to catch the message and forward it later,
I’m looking for bit less aggressive approach

Maybe create a plugin that will work as a SIP client?
For example, dahua VTO has own SIP server that can make group calls, for example 9901#1 and 9902#2. I tried to use sip-to-mqtt, but it doesn’t support phone numbers with #.

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I read more about it in that forum and found a PHP script, added to the script MQTT capabilities and now we have DahuaVTO2MQTT script, will wrap it up into docker, hope that we will have it ready soon

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I’ve found something else: https://github.com/denimjeans/DahuaVTO-Gong

it looks like it is listening to the Multicast packets the VTO is sending around which should occur realtime

as I’m not at home I didn’t test it yet.

(afaik this kind of communication is still in use with the SIP firmware as a second VTH at another location don’t receive videostream but only audiostream when being ringed)

I guess you have found this script: https://github.com/riogrande75/Dahua/blob/fc997f16f98d459f407737fe4a4f8cfb5aa28900/DahuaEventHandler.php is that right?
it seems to use the Internal API

I use the Dahua Event Hanlder, already wrapped it with container, added MQTT and set all configuration’s parameters from ENV variables.

STill checking, hopefully by end of the day it will be ready