Daily min max temperature

Hi. I would like to have a daily/weekly/ monthly min max function for temperature sensors. I know there is an option for HACS but I do not want to use unofficial features.

This is built into the core functionality. Long term statistics are available for any sensor with a state_class.

I know about statistics but that is the last 24 hours. Unless you know a way to make that daily I can use it. So I want to know the min temp between 00:00 and 00:00 the next day and weekly/monthly etc.

No it isn’t it is for as long as you have had the sensor. LTS data does not get purged.

If you only want to display it then use this:

The days to show and period will give you what you want for each case.

If you want access to the value for a template, trigger or condition then there is already a FR for that.

Thanks for the suggestion. Not completely what I would like but for now it will do. thanks again.