Daily Zigbee Coordinator Backup Blueprint - ZNP - ezsp/bellows

I’ve started support for EZSP/Bellows, but it looks like the ZHA Integration does not have the code yet to back up to "open-coordinator-backup’ format yet.
But it’s a start.

The backup procedure makes an export to “open-coordinator-format”, but does not have the devices list, which should not be critical. Puddly recommends to use the use the CLI utility instead if you’re migrating.

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Hi All.

I’ve had the disaster scenario happen where my sonoff ZHA bridge stopped communicating to HA. I had 29 devices added to it. Before deleting it from HA and then re-adding I used this blueprint to backup the configuration.

I have the bridge back up and running but I cant see where I can restore the backup I made?. Is it suppose to happen automatically once I re-added the bridge to HA?.

It’s not automatic - you can find some instructions here :