Debugging Unresponsive Home Assistant

My Home Assistant from time to time becomes unresponsive. It seems to happen when someone attempts to load the front end. Since the interface is unresponsive, I dont know how to locate the issue. Not knowing why the system is freezing is frustrating. Occasionally, it becomes responsive after waiting a few minutes, which makes me think something specific is causing it to hang. Anyone have some suggestions as to how to locate the issue? Should it be obvious in the supervisor logs?

From the FAQ:

Tell us if you’re running using an official HassOS image, a Docker install, Hassbian, a venv install, and so on. Things that are often really useful to know include:

  • What version number of Home Assistant are you running?
  • How you installed it. If you’re not using Hassbian or a HassOS based install, >remember to tell us the operating system
  • Any relevant code - correctly formatted

For example:

  • Home Assistant 0.42.0 using with the HassOS image
  • Home Assistant 0.84.2 in a venv following this guide on Windows 10
  • Home Assistant 0.90.2 using on Ubuntu 18.04 following this guide

Please remember that words like latest, current, newest and so on are not version numbers.

Also please share the logs.