deCONZ - Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch - 6 Button

You can update, existing users will have to remove and re import it anyway. The import mechanism just reads it in once

Thanks for the clarification! Updated :wink:

Well personally I wouldn’t be able to memorize 30 (6 buttons * 5 actions) different things, even if you only used 1/3 of them. Nice to see how many blueprints are being made, though!

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Wait, there’s some confusion here. I don’t have 30 actions for this device (only 6 so far)! With this blueprint I’m just mapping out all possible actions you could use.

That way, it’s really easy for people to make an automation for one of these devices and only use the buttons/actions they need. No need to lookup the event data they sent, or anything like that.

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do you also experience a 1-2 seconds delay when using these switches? i.e. you click, then only after a second or two action is actually executed.

i am guessing its switch firmware waiting to see if you would want to click one or two times more in a same period of time to understand if its a double/triple click and not just a single click.

or is it only my device?

No delay here, instant feedback. Using conbee2 on rpi.

Thanks @Savjee. Realy nice and easy to use. Now it would be nice to use a blueprint with dimming (long press)

Can you please add lumi.remote.b486opcn01 and lumi.remote.b286opcn01 also? :slight_smile:
As far as I know the events should be the same from top to bottom.

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I have this switch.

This is great as I don’t like touching yaml and only did UI automations it left me with like 6 automations for each which was a bit messy, a good solutoin would of just been a folder in the automation section but this works too, nice stuff

I personally looking to sell my 6 button for the two button.

I also don’t need so many options and often get confused in the dark what button is which.

2 x (6 possible) is enough for me.

and 4 button at a push lol

If anyone has a 3d printer, I recently designed a switch cover for the Opple switch and thought I’d share it here.

I have a aqara Opplw wireless Scene switch 6 button. Is this blueprint also working with ZHA intergration?

It does not work for me. If I listen to events of deconz it shows me that the buttons are pressed, but there is no way to get it working in the blueprint. Lights, shutters… no reaction :frowning:

It’s only tested with Deconz. I don’t use ZHA, so can’t test.

@Sven12345 Did you try this out? I just ordered one and hoping it does.

Product is on the way to my house but look at this link i think it’s work with zha.

AWESOME! Thank you! Can’t wait to have this.

thank @Sven12345 you for mentioning this work top for zha @mjanofsky and I just put 4 button version on it and the 2 button version is also coming

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I forked another blueprint (4 button) which is probably (?) based on yours @Savjee so thanks for inspiring others :+1: :slight_smile:

Mine is for two button version of Aqara Opple for using with deCONZ.

Well, hello. Is anyone who used this or other Opple buttons don’t have a problem with a hold release event? When I hold any buttons for a long time (5-10 seconds or more) unhold event is no received from deconz. Really don`t know what to do with that. If I unhold button in a short period of time the unhold event is sent to HA. Is it a switch firmware problem or a deconz issue? Where to look for a solution?

Hardware or deCONZ. Interested in other users‘ experiences too. Didn’t miss it so far but definitely missing the unhold event after very long press.

Hello someone can explain to me how to do it am completely new