Default Unifi Integration Behavior

It would be nice if the Unifi Integration would default to not add or track anything when first adding it. My guess is 99% of people using the unifi integration don’t want every single device added / tracked by default.

In general it could have an add button that would display a list of potential entities to add so you could manually decide what to add from unifi.

Then if the user decided to enable tracking for new wired/wireless/devices/ssid filtering they could enable that if they really wanted everything auto added.

It blows my mind that the current integration defaults to add all no matter what.

Agree. This along with the new sensors are making me look at forking the old version as a custom component. We all should have 100’s of devices on our network which is why we are using Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

yep. but that’s “by design” according to the devs. Their philosophy is “track everything” and then only display what you care about.

Totally agree. My device_tracker list is a mess because there is no way to delete/hide all these old empty entries :frowning:

click on the entity and “disable” it. Then at the top of the integration, click the gear icon (the one in the square white box) and turn off the auto-adding of new entities.

Auto-adding default turned off. This is what it look like when I click one of the “No name” entities:

No way to delete or hide the entry :frowning:

Even after removing the integration the device list still looks like this for me.