Device tracker breaking automation

updated what…?

HA updates have a breaking change that now requires the latest version of the Node Red Companion integration (v3.1.7 or better).

Replace deprecated HomeAssistantType with HomeAssistant

I am running v3.1.9

Interesting. There isn’t a version 3.1.9

3.1.7 with the fix, then 4.0.0 being the latest

That is Node-RED

I am talking about the HA Node-RED Companion integration in HA that communicates back to Node-RED.

There has been a change in HA to deprecate HomeAssistantType. When I updated my HA, my NR stuff fell over as the companion was trying to talk HomeAssistantType, and it now needs to talk HomeAssistant.

Fixed by updating the NR Companion. At least for me it did.

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Awesome. Where do I do that?

I assume you have this integration installed in HA. I assume it needs updating…

I greatly appreciate the help on the update. But unfortunately that did not solve the problem.

It means it hasn’t received an event change from Home Assistant since you last restarted Node-RED.

Check the history of the zone in Home Assistant. Do you see count change?

There is a tick box for “Output on connect” does this need to be checked?

I just checked the history and zone.home has not changed in over a month

Zone is directly tied to people defined in HA. (settings → people) The person needs to have only the device tracker that will be used for presence. ex. if you have a tablet that supplies a device tracker that is tied to a person but that tablet does not always leave the house with them should not be used.

If a person has 2 device trackers assigned to them and one never leaves the house that person will always be considered home. Check the people you have defined are using right tracker and that device tracker is updating it’s location.

I only have (1) device tracker setup for each person that I am tracking. We are using the HA companion app and has been working fine until about a month ago based on zone.home history.

The entity ‘derek phone’, it’s history, is it updating home/away?

Yes it is.

If it is only you that will use this, then use the device tracker entity in an event state to trigger your flows. zone really is only helpful when there are multiple people.

As far as zone/person you can double check that the entity is the right one, the mobile app is known to add a second entity with _2 after it. If the entity is definitely the right one, delete the person restart and then re add the person again.

We actually use (2) device trackers. (1) Me (1) my wife. We setup automations based on who is home and away. Hers is showing away/home just like mine just not triggering in zone.home.

I added another device tracker and now it is working. Go figure.

Ok it looks like there is an open bug for this particular issue. You can use the old group integration as a work around. This will create an entity that will only report away when both trackers are away. Add the following to your configuration.yaml

    name: "Smartphones"
      - device_tracker.device1
      - device_tracker.device2

Thanks for all of your help.

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