Device tracker group "on" instead of "home"

Thanks, there’s a lot to dive into here…I appreciate your help/recommendations!

I am going to dig into these options.

fwiw, I have tested all day, and saw trackers go in and out of zones etc.

all I see is home/not_home on the group, which now consists of a mobile_app tracker, a ping tracker and a custom Composite, to have all flavors…

no issue can be forced

and whta happens when you restart HA when you have trackers in various states? like 1 tracker home the other in a zone, then you restart HA…whats the state of the group in those cases?

like I said above, I can see nothing out of the ordinary, this single group always has a state of home/not_home, no matter which states the members have

only thing I see during startup is a shot period of unknown

Any update on this issue? If have the same problem. For years the group had a status of home/not_home, but now it is on/off.

should be fixed n 2024.7.x in the meantime after a HA restart just reload the group and itll be fine until then

Is this now working again in 2024.7.0?

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Seems to work for me now again with 2024.7.2 - I normally don’t upgrade until the .2 version is out each month.

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