Devolo Siren Sounds Z-Wave.js

There are different sounds possible with the devolo siren via the Notification Command Class.

But I don’t figure it out to use the automation service zwave_js.set_value.
command_class: ‘113’ (0x71)
but what about Property, Property Key and Value?
Any documentation what that means and where I can find them?

You should be able to use the zwave_js.invoke_cc_api service call. command_class is 113 and method_name is sendReport. The method parameters are not documented, you need to look at the code to see what is required. In this case, I think you would do the following:

service: zwave_js.invoke_cc_api
  method_name: sendReport
    - notificationType: 10
      notificationEvent: 2
  command_class: '113'

Pick the target as the device or one of its entities.

notificationType is a value from the Notification column and notificationEvent is a value from the Event column. The combination picks a sound. 10 and 2 sets “Notfall-Alarm” - “Feuerwher kontaktieren”.