DHT22 shows 3 degree celsius to much

like topic says, it show 3 degree to much, i have google it, and its a common problem i see…
I was wondering if there is a way to calibrate it to be accurate or compansate for the 3 degree somehow?

Are you using ESPHome or some other method to get the sensor reading?

i’m using esphome

Right, well we aren’t very good mind readers. I have moved your post to the correct category. Please try to supply all relevant information in future.

You can use the ESPHome offset filter to subtract 3°.

i have 3 degree celsiuc to high, whan line should i add and what value to get it correct?

I am surprised you managed to get it working, but cannot solve this one even with a link to the documentation.

I assume (because you have not included your code) that it looks something like:

- platform: dht
    name: "DHT22 Temperature"

You need to alter this to:

- platform: dht
    name: "DHT22 Temperature"
      - offset: -3.0

If that doesn’t work, include your full config here, properly formatted so that it looks like my examples above.

thank you so much, now it somewhat ore accuracy