DinoTech's Mobile Designs[New C-virus Popup March 4]

Tablet designs and older stuff HERE

I’ve been working on a few new screens and themes in my spare time and just wanted to share them and hope they spark some inspiration. The themes colors are inspired from Android 10’s new accent colors.

My entire ui-lovelace.yaml has been reduced from 46 views, down to one path /lovelace/0/. There are 5 different user logins with 5 different main screens that are located within that one path and function flawlessly. User restrictions are managed with lovelace-state-switch and compact-custom-header so only the needed access is available for each user including the Guest login. Extra layer of protection is added via the new restriction-card if my phone is accidentally left unlocked and accessible.

My mobile set up is comprised of one main page and 58 different popups that cover pretty much anything I need away from home for monitoring and control. The mobile UI is powered by hass-browser_mod and includes voice & video alerts and popups. The background images change every 3 minutes and the UI auto reloads every 30 mins to keep it refreshed. The accent colors change throughout the UI when the theme is changed via button click.

Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment or catch me on Discord #Lovelace channel. Thanks!

Link to older posts: here
Repo link: here


What can I say…awesome!!!

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woooow very well

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Lock screen popup using the new custom:restriction-card

Obviously, the confirmation screen popup is for confusion, :rofl: but an actual pin code can be substituted instead.
Code can be found HERE

Voice activated lock screen version

Added a new theme Grey-Nightz by request. As with my other themes, all theming variables are available for use with custom cards, e.g. CCH, Mini-media-player, restriction-card, bar-card, etc…Code here

Very nice design

Question, how do you the last time, a switch triggerd ?


Thank you! I am not sure about the question, but maybe this link will answer better. :wink:


Thanks a lot I was looking for that

Glad it helped! :partying_face:

4 new Themes, with a total of 8 ‘click-to-change’ themes with color selectors…
Sunglasses optional :sunglasses:

Repo updated with new code…

Added a new light dimmer popup card with changing accent colors to match the current theme, adapted from @DBuit’s fantastic tablet design HERE.

Please let me know if you are interested in the code. I am in process of a major update to my repo and working to get everything posted…

Wanted to post my latest swipeable popup for the Coronavirus Integration…

Code for popup HERE
Background image for mobile screens HERE