Direct URL to entity details user interface

Wonder why the IOS app doesn’t support this, damn.

Sorry, not sure why I didn’t get a popup before about this replies and just came across this.
The thing is that the popup of more-info is that, a pop-up. As such, it requires to first navigate to some page, and then perform some action. your link would then need to navigate to some specific dashboard/view of your HA, and then open the popup. So your receiving users would still need to load such view first. I agree adding something like the ‘#entity-id’ at the end which is used in http to scroll to specific locations in a page would be something that could fit your case.
But then again, given you already have to navigate to a HA view, why not send your recipient a link to the history dashboard which allows for sharing specific entity ids if you don’t want users to interact with a lovelace dashboard?

Currently I can send the following and that would navigate directly to the same data as in the more-info view (except attributes).

PD: Apologies, I didn’t add a link to those posts in my Original post because I didn’t had the forum rights to add multiple links.

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