Discovery not working with HA within Docker on Windows


Need some help with getting “Discovery” to work properly on an HA setup from Dockers on Windows.

I followed the installation instruction, HA is on the Host Network and port is forwarded to the Docker Container’s IP. Discovery is not working at all.

I also tried bridge mode with port 8123 forwarded. Discovery also completely does not work…

I’m able to acess the HA frontend on both cases. Need some help…

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just getting started with Home Automation on Docker for Windows…
and yes, discovery doesn’t seem to work?

Has any one gotten discovery to work in this usage case ?

You need to set “network_mode: host” in your docker-compose.yml.

where is docker-compose.yml ?
I’m not using Compose…??

I am guessing that discovery uses a port. If you are not using --net=host ( I believe we had this discussion the other day :wink: ), you will need to pass -p with whatever port discovery uses

indeed i’m not using --net=host because it doesn’t work with Docker for Windows.

According to

discovery can use many many ports, that would in effect mean passing all ports with -p ??
Don’t think that would work.

but if you perform the steps listed in the docs, you should be able to pass --net=host

so you would think…and i my 1st point of call was the installation doc.
It does not work.

Only exposing port 8123 specifically, with the --publish (-p) option gives me access to the HA admin page, but there’s no discovery.

if my ONLY option was Windows…I would fire up a VM of Ubuntu, run docker in it, and manage the system that way. Just bypasses all the stupid nuances that Windows imposes for no reason.

indeed, i am just about ready to throw in the towel re Docker for Windows.
Would have been the most efficient solution for me, but there’s more bends in it than in a plate of spaghetti.

otoh, i might drop discovery, and struggle my way through the plate of pasta.

Asked the question over at Docker…

perhaps some one should change the docs for installing Home Assistant in docker for windows.