Display a time counter

I have binary_sensor.pump displayed on my Lovelace. It shows the state as on or off. I’d like to display something simple to indicate how long the sensor has been turned on.

I don’t know how those “seconds ago” or other date ranges work. They kinda bug me. I’d prefer a simple 00:01 display for being on for 1 second and it ticks happily every second.

Is there anything native I can use, or do I need to run to the HACS store?

Shouldn’t the template subtract the value of last_updated from the current time in order to compute elapsed time (i.e. duration)?

It’s ChatGPT gibberish. Unfortunately, this will be a thing we have to watch out for now. People who use ChatGPT to answer questions incorrectly.


Perhaps the community forum should consider implementing the policy that stackoverflow adopted (ban submissions produced by ChatGPT).

FWIW, I now recall a particular user who confidentally made very wrong suggestions for fixing someone’s problem. When I explained why their suggestions were invalid, they never replied and simply kept offering variations of the same flawed suggestion.

I now suspect they didn’t have a clue, about their suggestions, and were blindly using ChatGPT as their reference.

we are planning on something. This was the first occurrence that we noticed (someone else stumbled on it and flagged it).

If you remember, please flag the post. We do not want this happening. Flag any post like this so moderators can review the posts in question.


I’m out of the loop. How do you know it’s chatGPT?

You can tell by the response. The response will be grammatically correct, it will follow a paradigm, and it reuses common phrases. It’s easy to spot when you see it often. The information will also be close to correct, but wildly incorrect at the same time. In the case above, this post is actually really close to being correct, with only a few false statements. However the posters history has other posts that are the opposite. Not to mention, this poster started having these responses in the past 2 days. Prior to that, the posters history has posts that lack proper grammar, ask questions instead of provide solutions, and contain spelling errors.