Distributed Hass instances? Slave instances?

HI there,

New time Hass user, but been playing around with it, and love it so far.

I’ve got Hass running on my NAS Box just fine, and connected to a few relays via a PHP page that switches the GPIO pins on a “slave” Rpi. My question is this - Can I run Hass on the Rpi directly, in a “slave” mode or similar, to connect directly with GPIO sensors / switches, rather than through cheesy php script. Then have the Master Hass node running on the NAS box connecting to the slave Hass and its GPIO sensors?

Or a better suggestion to connect to GPIO sensors / switches on a Rpi, with Hass running on a different server?

Does that make any sense at all? Many thanks in advance!


I have the same question. In looking at some of the components I would like to try (eg. RPi RF xmitter, Bluetooth LE tracker) it seems that I will need to throw some rPi’s around the house- probably one in each room to get the best performance of those two components anyway. How is this accomplished?

Presented without comment: this and this.

Thank you very much. Lots to learn, lots of docs to find. appreciate you not flaming me, but honestly I did look, and it seemed like there had to be something out there, but all I found what this thread.
I imagine these two methods are similar in performance, but would you care to comment on pros and cons of one method over the other?

I had lots of trouble setting up a slave / master so I settled on Restful sensors.

Also look at Eventstream component

You can use this to push sensor/state data to main pi where automations are executed and for web interface.