Does a Silent Smoke Detector Exist?

I am looking for a smart smoke detector, zwave, zigbee, or tuya, that can be set to silent. I want to turn on my exhaust fan in my ceiling, and ceiling fan, if I smoke up the kitchen cooking. Not looking for an alarm so much.

I know that fire codes probably, make this product impossible to produce, but figured I would ask.

Any Suggestions?

Not strictly what you’re after (and uses Wifi), but I have this in my kitchen doing something similar. I’m in the UK and the device itself cost £10 from Ikea, plus an ESP32 flashed with ESPHome. It reacts very quickly when I start cooking and I can monitor the air quality in the room and set the thresholds in an automation to trigger the extractor.


You are correct, in the US at least. NFPA72 section 29 governs ‘smoke detectors’ and ‘fire alarms’ you won’t find a commercially available device calling itself one of those two names that doesn’t have an audible alarm (and that alarm cannot be disabled.)

So for your purposes you’re looking for ‘air quality sensors’ :wink: they’re not smoke or fire alarms and therefore don’t have the code alarm requirements.

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Just get a standard smoke alarm, open it up and physically disable the siren / beeper.