Does it use iBeacons?


I currently use OwnTracks with iBeacons and it is working pretty well but I always want some notifications and Zanzito has been recommended to me on different thread…

So does Zanzito work with iBeacons yet please?



Last I heard, the creator of Zanzito said he hadn’t planned on supporting it, but that “we’ll see”.

I also hope Zanzito adds that support. Owntracks for Android currently directs you to get Zanzito instead as they don’t plan on supporting it on Android anymore. But Owntracks is also the only way I currently know of to track iBeacons in HA :frowning:

Sadly, I’ll be disabling Zanzito for now and sticking to Owntracks until Zanzito (or some other application) implements beacon support. I like what Zanzito has to offer but can’t have two separate location-tracking apps draining my battery.


@MrMep please add ibeacon support :slight_smile:

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I’d definitely be in favor of adding beacon support. I’ve seen a number of implementations that use them to fire off updates for things like getting home or to work and keep wanting to try them out, but I want to keep using Zanzito as it has worked so well for me.

Sadly, at the moment I’m not sure if @MrMep is still working on this now, he’s not been online since December. I assume personal life/work obligations have pulled him away from Zanzito for the time being.