Doorbell in ZwaveJS or ZwaveJS2MQTT

I just started trialing ZWaveJS from OpenZwave and the only item I see as a concern (from the quick initial look) is my ability to control the Aeotec doorbell. Everything is disabled so I can’t monitor and I can’t trigger it.

Will switching to ZWaveJS2MQTT help this? Allow me to use MQTT to control it like I did with OpenZwave? Is support for Doorbells planned?

You may want to take a look here at the road map.

as well as here.

Long story short I believe support is planned but there currently isn’t an eta.

Thank you. I moved over to ZwaveJS2MQTT, and it provides ability to see when the tone goes off, but not trigger it. So that is a start.

Glad that I switched from ZWaveJS to the ZWaveJS2MQTT since I now have a really good control panel. It definitely works better than the OZW control panel.

Fingers crossed, Siren support comes soon.

I’ll be hoping and waiting with you :slight_smile:

Can I buy somebody a beer or coffee to improve it’s motivation for this?

I have not added the siren6 as a secure node, but I was able to fire the siren6 via the zwave_js.set_value service inside homeassistant.

From the ZWave To MQTT control panel reference the “Play Tone” :

From homeassistant adjust the value to match the "Play Tone"from the ZWave To MQTT control panel:


Thanks for the fix