Dooya RF Blinds controlling with receiving/sending signals

So I’m about to install Dooya DV24-CE/L-0.6/34 motorised honeycomb day/night blinds throughout my house.

There are a lot of various and complex posts regarding using the Sonoff RF bridge to get it working, however my understanding is that it only sends signals and won’t understand the current blind position.

Then I noticed mentioned of a Dooya hub that might be able to send/receive signals dd7002b hub mentioned here

After some short digging on the internet, I found some possible configuration and development with Smartthings discussed here

Within that post you can see the Bridge configuration listed here

I am certainly not technical enough to dive into this myself, so would anyone have any additonal information?

I just got a DD7002B from a whitelabled brand called Moritz sold by ‘no bull blinds’ here in Australia.

It definitely seems to be an ESP32.

Now the question is to try and use (and create an intergration) with code provided by

Or flash it…
What is the recommended thaught process when trying to intergrate something like this to HA?

I have this exact hub, sold by a company called BlocBlinds. It seems these companies use the same equipment but rebrand them. In that light, try the Motionblinds - Home Assistant integration as this worked for me :slight_smile:


  1. Set up blinds in the BlocBlinds (or Connector) app from iOS/Google app store
  2. in the menu screen for the app, tap the gear icon, then “About”, then tap repeatedly on the logo until a “reminder” dialog shows. Make a note of the key here. This will be in the format XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XX
  3. Make a note of the IP address of your hub from your router (E.g.
  4. Install the Motion integration from home assistant - enter IP address and key.
  5. The integration should find your hub and blinds.

And this integration does get the position state back?

It certainly does!

Curious, how does it get the position?

I ended up just using a Broadlink RF as it was cheaper than Dooya, but I just assumed it recieves commands only, not responding with a signal to identify position?

Or is it just done within the app? I ask because I have paired the Blinds to remote channels and one channel can control multiple blinds. That way, I can open/close a whole room simultaneously with one command (rather than software which would send each signal seperately).

I read that the Broadlink is one way only.

My local supplier just said the full Dooya controller is out of stock but suggested the D1554 Mini Bridge. I think it does status feedback too. Not sure if the local push API is identical and if this integration still works. Anyway used this?

In my search I also found a list of brands that are actually Dooya. Might help future people.

  • Martec
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My question I guess is with those that have the integration, is it software based positioning (a timer within the app that will pause when the motor is stopped early) or is it hardware based (and the Dooya motors acrually send RF signals with updated positional data).

I always doubted it was the latter, but I’d consider a different hub if they do.

EDIT: Seems I may actually be wrong. I have DV24CE/L-0.6/34 in my blinds.

According to page 38 for this spec sheet, they have “Status Feedback”.

Now I need to find a cheap bridge. Except, I also use my Broadlink to control my fans. Can anyone with a Dooya hub confirm if you can use it to send other RF signals?

This works for me:

  • The DD7002B (sold under the brand “blocblinds”)

  • Connector app to pair the blinds (Also blocblinds branded) and get the API key. With this app you can also set top, bottom and favourite positions.

  • Motion integration to link it all to HA

This is not software estimation, the devices broadcast their position.

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Can you confirm if you are able to broadcast any RF signals with the DD7002B?

I’d like to be able to send b64 code via the DD7002B to control my fans.

Appreciate if you could advise so I don’t need to waste money checking haha

The Motion Blinds integaration schould be able to control both DD7002B Connector bridge as well as D1554 Mini Bridge.
You can not broadcast arbitrary RF signals using those bridges, they will only work with blinds that can be directly coupled to the bridge using the mobile application of the bridge.

The DD7002B bridge can control both Uni- and Bi-direction blinds (all new blinds are Bi-direction, only old models are Uni-direction).
The D1554 Mini Bridge can only control Bi-direction blinds.

Bi-direction blinds will actually transmit there position to the bridge over 433MHz and the bridge will sent a signal to HomeAssistant over ethernet. So they do provide actual acurate position information even after power cycles/reboots etc.

I wrote and maintain the Motion Blinds integration.
Please let me know if there are any problems/issues with the Motion Blinds integration (in combination with the DD7002B or D1554).
And if you appreciate my work please consider sponsoring my project: GitHub - starkillerOG/motion-blinds: Python library for interfacing with Motion Blinds

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A bit of a shame, as I control my Fans using RF also and don’t want a seperate hub just for the position. I’ll just assume position for now and use my Broadlink RF.

Thanks for the r work on your integration nonetheless!