Dresden RaspBee/ConBee experience

People using the RaspBee or the ConBee stick, how good are they?
What are you guys using it with and how reliable has it been?

I was thinking about getting the RaspBee for my Xiaomi sensors and maybe some IKEA bulbs, but I would like to get some feedback first.

I would also be interested in this. Supposedly it supports Hue, Tradfri, Xiaomi, Osram, etc.
The software side of things seems to be moving in the right direction as there is no x server needed anymore. So it seems like a good time to reevaluate it.

Did you buy one yet?

Good thread for HA -> Raspbee integration is here: ConBee ZigBee Stick and HA, will this work together?

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I have it but haven’t played much with it yet, so I can’t tell you much about how it works. I think it needs better documentation tough, since I’ve spent a while in the beginning before understanding how it works. Right now information is very dispersed around in their github issues.