Dropbox Sync not work


Since the upgrades the plugin stopped working, node red error:

11/6/2018, 10:55:25 AMnode: Snapshot
msg : string[47]
“Error calling service, home assistant api error”


How are you doing that? Give some more info to work with.
What type of HA installation are you running? Hass.io on a raspi?
What is the version of: (HassOS,) supervisor, Homa Assistant…

Do you use the Node-RED Community add-on?
I assume in combination with the Dropbox Sync add-on?
Are both add-ons up-to-date? Latest Node-RED add-on is v1.0.1 and for Dropbox Sync v1.3.0.


What upgrades, and just remember “latest is not a version”.


I cannot get it to install from github repository using HASS.IO. I am using 0.84.6 on local (no SSL).


Cannot get what to install?


I cannot get Dropbox sync 1.3.0 add-on to install.


On my system there is no such addon so I assume it is something unofficial. Where are you getting it from?


Hi Nickrout,
Thanks for your reply. I don’t know how you are viewing this discussion, but I am looking here: Dropbox Sync not work

At the top, tielemans.jorim mentions the Dropbox Sync Add-onn, which links to the addon respository, which I add to add-ons and try to install.

Maybe the better way to proceed is to hask how you got dropbox sync working? I might be barking up the wrong tree. My goal is to save my current backups off the RPI running HASSIO incase of failure.



Thanks, I have now followed the link in post 2 and the addon installed without problem for me. What errors are you seeing?


I click install, see the spinner, then nothing. When I read /config/home-assistant.log, I don’t see anything relevant. I reset logger to default: warning and restarted, but that didn’t change the result. How do I get you an answer that is helpful? Thanks!