Duckdns calls from HA OS platform, after duckdns was disabled-removed

no wireguard.
hmmm, where is Settings ? → Home Assistant Settings > General (scroll right down to the near the bottom) > External and Internal URL in there


Sorry it’s called Configuration not settings. In the left side bar in the web interface.

ahhhh, found it, this setting is actually pulled from configuration.yml, I had external commented out.

#  external_url: "https://<new domainname>.com"  # dns via cloudflare + lets_encrypt cert
#  external_url: "https://<old domainname>"  # via nginx ssl proxy
  internal_url: ""

and the search continues…

Could you sanitise the logged network events you are seeing and paste an example here?

U:ll at times have a string of these right after each other.

This comes out of Services / Siricata / alerts on my LAN interface, I will have similar alerts on the WAN where it shows it going out my GW to Duckdns.


And you have checked the Configuration / Integrations page for the certificate expiry integration?

yes, no certificate expiry integration.