down again, can I use with ssl?

I am using Alexa integration that allows me to ask alexa status of different aspects of my HA system. I used the tutorial HERE to allow ssl encryption required by Amazon AWS. Works great, but has had big uptime issues recently. Can I use my account instead and still have my ssl certificates work? I have the paid dyndns account if that helps.

You’d need new SSL certificates, ones for your DynDNS hostname.

Can I continue to use Dehydrated or something similar to keep the certs up to date? I was looking around and could not find any tutorials on how to use DynDns as opposed to DuckDns to set up secure access. Thanks!

DuckDNS is just a DNS provider, any guide that refers to DuckDNS you can just mentally swap DynDNS.

The only thing that makes any difference is if you’re using DNS-01 verification, not all DNS providers support it.

Time to graduate to a better setup. I highly recommend Cloudflare for many many reasons. Best of all it’s the best DNS provider, with the best features and it’s all FREE, you’ll just need your own domain name or point your current domain provide name servers to Cloudflare.
Here a couple of post I made about it:

Should cost you about 8USD for a .com domain for a couple of years.

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