Dynamic entities of a light group

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Hey guys,

I am searching for a solution to have a light group that consists of asome special lights that are turned on.

I have the lights:


the new light group (light.living-all) should consist of all lights that are turned on, or if no light of this three is switched on it should consist of all three lights.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

Thanks for any help!

I don’t think you can.

But this is kind of an [ul=https://xyproblem.info/]XY problem[/url]. But I assume you want to only change settings of the lights that are turned on? If so and you only want to do so from an automation/script you could make a script that only changes the light if it’s turned on. But that way you can’t add it as a light(group) to LoceLace though.

If that is the case there is some useful information here:


Good Question. My problem is, that I would like to control the Bulbs in a room via the group or the single items.

For example switch on 1 and 3 of a room and set color or brightness with the group. With the color it works pretty fine. However, if I change the brightness of the group all lamps that are switched off will turn to on… This is really annoying.