Dynamic lighting scenes (animated)

I’ve been using an app on iOS called Onswitch that makes groups of my Hue and Lifx lights due nifty animated scenes like Candle flicker and clouds passing over and a whole slew more. Unfortunately, they will not add a remote trigger option for automation. So my long winded question is, does anyone have an alternative solution/application that can be triggered and maybe runs on Linux, OSX, or Windows? Onswitch plusses include being able to include both hue and lifx in the same animated scene.


I just downloaded On Switch today, and this was my next thought as well. I think that it would be relatively easy to write a python script that continually changed the hue color and brightness. You could use the command line switch to run the python script. There is also a way to integrate python custom code into HA as well.

I would also be very interested in something like this.
I’m using a Android App called HueManic for dynamic light scenes.

Would love to have the ability for switching such scenes on and off on a Server/HomeAssistant side.

Maybe someone can or already has written something like this for AppDaemon?

I used hueDynamic on a Windows VM for Halloween and just set it up for some automated shower ambiance. The Windows app has a GET API that I call in Home Assistant. There are some shortcomings (sometimes audio doesn’t play, can’t get status) and I would really like to see the API incorporated into the Android app but it worked well for Halloween and hopefully is stable for day-to-day use.

Halloween demo here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4TtfsFgH95/


Hi @claytonjn , after I googled the possibilities for dynamic lighting effects in HA again today, I noticed that there was a post from you here a year after my last post. So it seems to me that the interest for dynamic lighting effects in the HA community is not too big :wink:

Thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely give this a try!

However, I still like the idea of completely server-side lighting effects within HA, if possible via Python scripts, node-red or similar. I think that a Windows virtual machine that is just for controlling lighting effects is a little too much. Especially if the available hardware is not too powerful.

I’m in the same boat as you, Simon. The idea of dynamic lighting is something that has been in and out of my mind a number of times over the past few years. Server-side lighting effects powered by Home Assistant via python scripts or node-red would be great.

If I ever decide to sit down and work on this, I’ll be sure to post it here. But don’t hold your breath. :wink:

Honestly I’m surprised that there’s nothing like that yet.

How hard can it actually be

If you are interested in running firmware effects like candle, morph and move that can be done through the LIFX HTTP API. If you’re interested I can’t share some code.

I have a philips hue dimmer that rotates between 3 different scenes, moving back a forward through them. All of them include either flame or morph effects plus LIFX scenes, so you’d be able to attach many effects to a click of a button or whichever other trigger you may preffer, any trigger from HA.

Their website with all the information:

I’m a huge fan of light effects. I’m about to post a custom Animate theme script for HA that turned out to work pretty well, hope you like it.

hope this helps

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Here you have a link to the custom animate theme I posted. I hope you light it! :slight_smile:

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Check this out

I’m intrigued by this, but want to check on this. Is this only fo LIFX lights? Or, do these work with Hue lights (and other smart lights) as well?

The only effect that you can get it to work with philips hue is the:

the rest of them are LIFX effects

Sorry to revive this conversation from the dead, but it was the first one I found when I was looking for the same thing. I ended up making a custom component to do the trick if anyone is interested in it:


You are like some sort of rock god. Thank you for this. Exactly what I’d hoped to find.

EDIT: Annnnnnd I have to partially withdraw my kudos. You posted a non-working config as an example. You’re merely like some sort of rock demigod or archangel or something. If you can post a working config that shows how to animate white mode color temperature as well as RGB colors, then, rock god.


Uccccccch. Downgraded kudos even further. Animations worked nicely for a day, now they suddenly don’t work anymore. I didn’t change anything, but now, I hit the switch to start them, the lights change color once, and that’s it. Sorry, man, you’re like a mere rock mortal.

Oh, well, it seemed like it was a good thing, while it lasted.

C’mon now, it would be actually helpful to post your issue here:


I try to use this module but the examples ve an error. I am trying to animate only the bright level of one light but no way.

Thanks for create this addon but the wiki is not enough to use it