is the source of weather info include CO, CO2, SO2 and other is the source of weather info include CO, CO2, SO2 and other values that changes every hour.
It is incredible project. Can we use this values in HA? I think this is much easy then create own sensors and search for other sensors in the region.

It is easy to create as generic ip cam frame info like here:

But what about values? I’m very concern about CO and CO2 values in my region. Also want to see the history of changes.

It looks like they are aggregating data from other sources on the internet and simply compiling it together into a visual display, after doing their own alterations and calculations on the raw data to create their own custom levels for CO, CO2, etc, so, unless they have a publicly available API to pull data from, I’m not sure you can get the information down. I don’t even know if you can do old school screen scraping on it due to the fact they are using some 3rd party vector mapping software to create their interface.

They host their source on github:

So you can run your own nodejs server of it, so I guess you could run it locally on your network and feed data directly to home-assistant, but again, thats not a simple automation or script, that is something you have to do custom.

If you are interested primarily in CO2 levels, or any other data they are aggregating, I am sure there are many, many sources on the internet with publicly available API’s where you can retrieve the same data without jumping through hoops.

In fact, if you read the ‘About’ page on that site, it says they are getting their CO2 data from here:

and simply adding +32 to the result because they think NASA is reporting a lower than actual value for the CO2 levels. So, you can just pull that CO2 data from NASA as well and just add 32 to the result and you will have the same CO2 data is reporting

Thank you. Totally agree with you.I was trying to capture the date from earth, but it was difficult to found the tag with info. There are so many info in the html. From other side to find source of this data in NASA files it was much worse business. So I stack on it. And when I discovered the HA (Thanks Bruh) I go with this idea here. I think that it will be very useful to have NASA sensors in HA. Anyway I will be digging deeper in studying the HA. Many thanks for your very descriptive answer.

Similar to this : ??

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