Echo 4th gen Zigbee hub


Anyone know if the zigbee hub built into the Echo 4th gen is accessible by HA?

Also, being able to access the built in temp sensor remotely would be extremely useful.



Would be very interested in this as well.

Well not good news.

I got a 4th gen Echo, and can report that the zigbee hub is not in anyway I’ve found accessible by anything outside the Echo.

And also sadly, I’ve not found any way of exposing the internal temperature sensor.

But, on the plus side, its round and sounds good.


Just purchased the amazon echo gen 4 before i read this post, I was hoping to intergrate into HA. Oh well looks like I’m going to have to purchase as zigbee hub, any suggestion on a usb hub?

My current Zigbee devices are the First Contact Sensor and First Monition Sensor, both working with the Alexa Echo, but would rather they were in HA.

I’ve just started getting in to smart home and absolutely love HA.

Hi there,

Just realized that the 4th gens were also Zigbee hubs. Writing this post because I have found an imperfect workaround.

I added a Sengled light via the Alexa app and then checked the Alexa media player integration from HACS. The light is listed there in Home Assistant.

I am able to control it with Alexa/Siri, and am able to configure it (on/off, brightness, color) via HomeKit.

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You probably do not want a “hub” but instead a “Zigbee Coordinator” for use with ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT: (ZHA native integration does not require MQTT)

or (Zigbee2MQTT, a.k.a. Z2M deoends on MQTT MQTT - Home Assistant )

Tip! Both works great (though not at the same time) with Texas Instruments based Zigbee Coordinator:

See example:

Your light is connected to Echo via Zigbee and it’s showing up in HA by media player integration?