Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

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is it possible to send a command for example : “Alexa, start ecovacs for room cleaning” ??


no that is not possible.

@maurizio53 you can never do more with HA then when you use alexa directly.
for amazon music you need premium, so yeah you need that to play premium music with the mediaplayer.


Hi Steve,

There are a few ways to achieve what you have in mind. To me, the easiest has been using node red, although it’s perfectly possible to do it using yaml only.

I control my vacuum using this method and it’s quite reliable.



you mean it is possible to start a roomcleaner with yaml, i guess
because if you mean that it is possible to send a command to alexa i would like to know how.


I mean, it’s possible to say “Alexa, clean the living room” and have your vacuum start cleaning, using yaml only. To me though, it’s easier to use node red for this since it’s more visual (and I don’t have to restart HA).


but thats not what @steveknoefler asked :wink:
he wants to send the command to alexa without speaking :wink:
not to create a command


You can do it with routines. Its how I tell Alexa to “close the garage door”. I set the routine to run a script to close the garage door.

It’s not done thru this component but it’s easy to do using an Alexa command.


Oh, my bad then ! I misunterstood the meaning of the request. Thx flor clarifying :slight_smile:


Ok, then nevermind…:smile:


Yes, but it would require at least two echos, one to say the command and one to listen and act upon it.


I had that thought, but was told that does not work anymore. I found youtube videos with an echo talking to another echo, but my guess is that now that you can have echos in the same general area and they decide which one takes the request, that it no longer works


Idk, I just tried it and it worked for my ecovac.
image image


i think its still possible.
the echo saying the command isnt listening, and the other echo doesnt know who is talking.
i have got several moments that my echo in the kitchen got prompted by the one in the livingroom.
and you can also use GTTS to say your command. (did that for a while myself)


Well, that’s awesome. I have to admit that I never personally tried. I asked on here about a week ago, even posted the video and was told by someone on here who had a good amount of posts, that it did not work, so I never tried. I have an alexa skill I’ve been wanting to do this with. I’m totally do this when I get home!


I have Prime Music and Spotify Free so i cannot use them via the remote control script.


May I request the inclusion of Plex servers for a media_content_type? It would allow everyone to play their own mp3’s, ogg’s, etc on their echos and dots.
It’s shouldn’t be an issue with Amazon being I can already link my Plex server to my Amazon account.


I just tried this

{"entity_id": "media_player.old_dot", "message": "alexa, tell blue link to lock my car doors"}

and this is what happened. The echo dot spoke about 2 1/2 words, they both lit up and then turned off. They were sitting right next to each other.


I was able to get it working, by adding a period vs a command after “Alexa”.

Maybe the gen 3 echo dots are too fast? Either, way I am now able to get my echo to command my other echo!


Great job on this code. I have it working. I seen you have I Heart Radio listed.
Have you been able to use it and if so how do you modify your code to select those stations?



To pick a different station, find out the exact name in the alexa app. And change it.