Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

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all perfect but I can not change the volume … what can it be?


Volume changes only are available when in a playing or paused state. This is known issue with Alexa. Is it not working even when playing?


Now it works…thank you


its a known issue with mediaplayer, not with Alexa.
with the script i got a perfectly working volumeslider, that also sets the volume when nothing is playing


Is your volumeslider adjusting to volume changes made via Alexa voice control? If so, is the able to return the existing volume?


but to get the volume that alexa got i need to start scanning and at least several times a minute for every device poll the devicesettings.
for the rare moments where i adjust the alexa volume by voice i dont need that.

i dont know if its possible with the script to get the volume, but it can be set with the script.


Having some trouble with this after update, although actually I think it’s because I enabled 2FA on Amazon a few days ago.

Just to confirm, is 2FA supported? Right now nothing (at all) shows up - no devices, no login etc… just blank.

Edit: Nevermind… After a while configurator showed up again.


Sorry to butt in but thought i should let someone know this. The volume control in the alexa app on android has changed. I tried to turn down the volume on my Amazon Echo and i was told that music must be playing to do so. When trying to control volume on echo dot the volume slider is completely gone. Not sure whats going on but only way to control volume is via actually touching the device (OMG Nooo) or via voice.


We use the same exact API call as the script. Can you please confirm you’re able to play a non-music skill such as flash briefing (alternatively after a long time out after pausing music I’ve seen this too) and change the volume with the script? I’ve been able to change the volume programatically only during music or TTS. It may work on other services, which we should document.

This is the use case I’ve seen which also mirrors control.


Something is wrong on amazons side . Only the first approx 5 seconds of my flash briefing plays and if i try to adjust volume via the slider in the app during that time the volume does not adjust and the screen from my previous post flashes at me just before echo go’s silent. I have 12 echos and echo dots and the 4 that i am near now all do the same thing so i know its not hardware and i checked to make sure my flash briefing setup wasn’t broken or missing setup and all settings are in place. Pretty sure amazon has broken the volume control. I just updated the app day before yesterday i believe. Control via voice still works fine. As far as using the script i do not have it installed. Sorry, I was actually just looking for a way to have alexa report sensor and door states when i found this thread. Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if i can do anything else to help out. I have quite a few echo devices and a pretty large ha system if you need testing done. I just am not very good at coding or scripting.
Almost forgot. Volume control works fine via app while playing music.


Thanks. I actually was asking ReneTode to test since he has a different setup using a different script. I responded with you mainly to affirm I’m seeing what you just saw. Sorry for the confusion but I appreciate you jumping in like that to help. :wink:

I’ve had that flashbriefing issue. I’ve fixed it by rebooting the devices impacted, but perhaps they automatically fix after a certain period of time.


Oh, Wooops. And i tried restarting with no joy. Not a big deal for me ( i’ll wait it out, they’ll get the bugs out i hope) just thought it might be relevant to what you guys are workin on.


How to use Spotify playlists ?

I tryed to use this, but don’t work.

"entity_id": "media_player.wohnzimmer",
"media_content_type": "SPOTIFY"


This plays BBC1 not 1Live:

  "entity_id": "media_player.badezimmer",
  "media_content_id": "1LIVE",
  "media_content_type": "TUNEIN"

And groups are not working:

  "entity_id": "media_player.uberall",
  "media_content_id": "Release Radar",
  "media_content_type": "SPOTIFY"

Ideas ?


i just use my slider, at any time
and then the volume is set to what i like.

i just tested.

i had radio running, not that loud.
stopped the radio.
changed my volume to loud.
started the radio again
and the radio was playing loud.

so i am sure nothing is wrong with the combination script/alexa


Please test a flash briefing, not a radio station. Radios are considered the same as music and allow for volume adjustment.


i dont understand what you mean with flash briefing.

the entire echo device is louder, also when i use TTS afterwards.
and if you read correct i adjusted the volume when NO radio was running.


I can adjust the volume for exactly 2 hours, after the TuneIn or Amazon music stops playing. Then it goes into a idle state and volume can’t be adjusted anymore.
I solved this by playing a silent track every 1h59m


to make it more clear i did:

nothing running for quite some time (i mean several hours)
set volume to 10
send TTS and it was very soft
set volume to 80
send TTS again and it was very loud.

(and its also nothing more then logical, because you change say: alexa change volume at any time, and you also can create a routine that changes volume at any time, so its not a problem on the amazon side)


After upgrading to I see the notification that asks me to select enter the new captcha I enter the code it seems to accept it, however none of my Alexa devices are shown under the entries.


I’m not using this anymore, but I think the scenario people are looking to try is

Set volume low
Wait several hours (2 or more) and do not use that echo at all during that time.
Try to adjust volume
Play Something, TTS. flash brieifing, radio, etc

I suspect you’ll find that you cannot change the volume before playing music, tts, etc