Echo Show 15 alternative for HA

It would be very nice to see an Echo Show 15 alternative to be developed for HA (or other domotica solutions) with NO data gathering.

In my view this will be a very nice addition to the Amber project or any other implementation of HA.

Is this already in development, @balloob? A chance to bring this (or want help to bring it) to CrowdSupply too?

I think with so many tablets out there…

Id be more interested to know if any HA devs are looking at the widgets for show 15

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I appreciate what you did.

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Also you can load the app or run it through a web browser and design your own dashboard, there are thousands of examples here in the forums.

I don’t see what’s so special about this Echo device.

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Why don’t just buy a 15" touch screen and a android stick or box to run hassio apk call it a day. Probably even cheaper than show 15. You can find 15" touch screen around $130 to $200 at eBay or ailexpress , $20 to $40 for a android box/stick run on android 10 os.

It would be better to run Home Assistamt on another machine and just display the frontend on the touchscreen. An Android box/stick is not officially supported to run Hone Assistant and you’ll also reach a hardware limitation pretty fast.

android box/stick is not to run hassio, it just run the official Home Assistant android app, or run FKB app.

Ah I see, then I missunderstood your post.

FWIW: the term hassio has been deprecated for more than a year now and the term hassio was used for the full Home Assistant package now called Home Assistant OS. So your post was misleading.

Haha been that long.

its big :smiley: