Ecobee Intergration and Temperature Display

Is there an easy way to display my ecobee thermostat card with the additional decimal point? I just want to display whole numbers. I considered using a value template, but I don’t think that will work with the thermostat card, so I’m looking for some advice. Thoughts?

Doesn’t look like it. I was curious since you asked and I did some digging. I think others have come to the same conclusion. You’ll either need to limit it in the integration or use a template but there is an idea at the bottom of this thread with a lot of votes for lovelace numbering format which would encompass what you want here: How can I limit the display value of a sensor?

Are you aware of a way to limit it within the integration? I understand that some people like to be precise, but I don’t feel like there is much difference in temperature from 78.1 to 78.7? lol! Either way, I appreciate the timely response! Thanks again.

I’m not sure. I can see in the app it rounds it but then when it gets in HA it has the decimals. I have four ecobee thermostats but I don’t really mess with them much and my knowledge of where everything is at is only superficial.