Efergy power meter


I have a Efergy (Model elite 2.0R) to monitor the power use of my house.

I can capture the data by RTL-SDR device in 433 MHz: https://github.com/andresol/Efergy-E2-linux

Is it possible to add this data to Home Assistant? Is there any compatible hardware for this?

I will appreciate your help.


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Hi @zorrua - I found this post when looking for the same thing, but I’ve now solved it.

If you’ve already got RTL-SDR working with the device and outputting at the command line, you’re nearly there!

Here’s what I did to get data from my Efergy elite 3.0R.

Setup RTL-SDR with help from:

I’m using a similar command-line data capture to you (from same original source): https://github.com/magellannh/RPI_Efergy
In the C code, I changed EXPECTED_BYTECOUNT_IF_CRC_USED to 8
(Some interesting discussion: https://goughlui.com/2013/11/14/efergy-energy-monitor-decoding-with-rtl-sdr/)

Settings/command that worked for me:
rtl_fm -f 433.518e6 -s 200000 -r 96000 -A fast | ./EfergyRPI_log -d

So to send this command line output to MQTT:
rtl_fm -f 433.518e6 -s 200000 -r 96000 -A fast | ./EfergyRPI_log | xargs -I{} mosquitto_pub -t 'energy/maintariff' -u xxx -P xxx -m '{}'

I put that command into a script and made it a service that runs on boot with help from: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/linux/usage/systemd.md

In the HA dev tools I tested that the MQTT message was being received.
The messages I get look like: date,time,value so I split the value out on its own with the template below.

Then I created an MQTT sensor with value template in HA like:

# sensors.yaml
- platform: mqtt
  name: 'Energy Usage'
  state_topic: 'energy/maintariff'
  value_template: "{{ value.split(',')[-1] }}"

I’ve been experimenting with how to best display it as a relevant graph.