Electric Roller Blinds or shades Z wave plus


Hi All,

I automated half of the house (nest + lights) with Z wave plus and Linux server with great Python product like homeassistant.

Now it is time for blinds/shades on cheaper budget.
I happen to have power outlets close to the top of the windows due to previous owner desire to have cameras inside the house.
So for me power is not an issue. What I am trying to figure out is what is relatively cheap Electric Roller Blind / Shade system that people recommend that will work over z wave plus + wireless.
I need different roller sizes but I guess I could work with one and just pile them up on huge windows.

Thanks much for a great software, it works really well and design wise is awesome product.


My ideia is to use:


This offers a really cost effective way to go.

Not z wave, but extremely reliable.