Elegant automation for 3 temperature input and 2 fans

Its working great ! Thank you again.
I may need to change “delta” or adjust some conditions.
Another “learning” questions:
4. What is the purpose of if temp_xxx not in invalid_states ? The temperatures reading will be always fine so there is no risk that reading will be “unknown or unavailable” ?
What is the risk to remove this condition ?
5. Is seems this automation works “always”. I mean that even if I change the fan switch manually it immediately returns to the position forced by automation. I was thinking that Automation only “works” once the trigger fires it up and trigger will “trigger” only when some of the sensor change their state/value ?

when you make your automation work as tired we can tweak it so it uses dynamic data that user can change from frontend, for example (if needed).

If for whatever reason your sensor becomes unavailable (unknown usually means the entity does not exist) and you have no such if, you might get unexpected behaviour (paste this {{ 'unknown' | float }} in template editor). Using my approach it just does nothing and cmd_xxx remains off so no errors, no false on actions. Yo can add issuing a custom warning/error to logs.

that’s because the automation reacts on state change of sensor.cel, sensor.out, sensor.gwc, switch.out and switch.gwc.

see above. there’s no such thing as value, it’s change of state (which includes change of any attributes so the actual state string may remain unchanged and still the trigger will fire).

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Thank you again for support here! The automation is working perfectly and I am a happy “automation master” in my home ;). I also did dynamic user data (entry from frontend) of level and delta and adjust the trigger section.
I learned a lot here. Thanks !

If you are so kind and check my another challenge here: 8 relay board - RS232-USB controll - integration Any direction/pointer will be more then appreciated !