Emoji and Apple Watch

I recently figured out how to up my watch game with emojis!

Currently my home assistant complication shows:

  • Who is at home (both adults, one of us, no one)
  • Home mode (morning/day/night)
  • Attention needed alert
  • Amazon deliveries progress

For the next steps, I am going to make people status tracking more sophisticated, so more detailed information about each person can be shown (working, sleeping, working out, at school, etc.).

And I am looking forward to suggestions of what else can be displayed on the watch. There are still seven more complications that are not yet powered by home assistant:)

Video guide: https://youtu.be/r6gsAVWTY-E
Emoji template sensors: https://github.com/gigz/ha_config_public/blob/7eaebab65c08b9462677f74f42254b0a8f667496/config/sensors/template_entities/apple_watch_face.yaml


Really nice that you moved this over here🤗

Definitely less traction here though:)

Yeah, but it is fixated for a longer time, and if im someday getting a newer watch, i can look up here and integration youre awesome work :hugs::ok_hand:t4: Its slower but will burn longer​:hugs::hugs:

Thanks for the inspiration! By incorporating emojis into my complications, here is what I’ve been able to put together: