Energy: Add an auto-produced energy gauge, in addition to the auto-consumed gauge

In some region of Belgium, a part of the electricity bill is based on the auto-produced energy. The bill will be more expensive if you consume a lot of energy when you are not producing it.
In the energy dashboard, we already have the auto-consumed energy ratio (I am producing 1 W, how many am I currently consuming from this W), would it be possible to also have the auto-produced energy ratio (I am consuming 1W, how many of this W am I producing myself)?

there are a couple of ideas what measurements could / should be integrated into the energy dashboard.

Measureing, how much of my own produced energy I am consuming is one of them - that’s already available.
The main topic here is, that most “bigger” solar installations are exporting much energy - more than you are consuming - but you still have to consume from the grid, since your solar installation does not always produce energy…

So for many others, the counter you sugest would be at least near to 100% for most of the time… maybe, expect in the winter.

Therefore, I think there are other measurements, which could provide similar information but would be more benefitial for others as well:

self-sufficiency → the calculation for the self-sufficiency should be pretty simple:
→ self-consumption / total-consumption

This one could also provide more relevant information which you have requested…?

I don’t understand why you are saying that this counter would be near to 100%. You typically don’t produce during the night, so for a typical day in the winter, the consumed energy coming from my own produced energy would be less than 30%.
30% is by the way a typical ratio for the auto-produced energy, it could raise to 70% if you have a domestic battery.

okey, so you mean the self-sufficient counter :slight_smile:

Maybe, I understood your explanation wrong:

What I understood:

  1. my Solar installation have produced 13.000 kWh in total over the year.
  2. my import is nearly 1000 kWh over the year.

on a daily basis, my solar does produce in total more than I import… so also here, it would nearly be 100% on a daily basis (maybe somewhere 90 or 80% in the worst case)

Your description:
I am consuming 1W, how many of this W am I producing myself

so a direct comparission between my “consumption” and my production - would be 100% most of the time - even if I do have grid import.

Therefore, the self-sufficiency - should be more accurate and would probably reflect what you mean?

or do I still have an issue with understanding your topic?

In your example, even if you produce more than what you import, or produce more than you consume, you will need to consume from the grid during the night.
An example: during a day you produced 15 kWh, and you globally consumed 10 kWh, the 10 kWh were not all consumed at the moment you were producing your 15 kWh. Maybe during the day you re-injected 9 kWh to the grid, and during the night you used 4 kWh from the grid → so you self-consumed 6 kWh (15 - 9 kWh), and 4 kWh were not → your auto-produced energy is 60% here.
Is that more clear ?
Maybe it is what you call self-sufficiency though.

that’s what self-sufiency is :slight_smile:
And the calculation for this is as I described above:

your self-consumption from the solar / total consumption


production: 15 kWh
self-consumption: 5 kWh
import: 10 kWh
export: 10 kWh
total consumption: 15 kWh

5 kWh (self-consumption) / 15 kWh (total consumption) = 0,33 => 1/3 => 33,33% self-sufiency.

Probably, I just got your explanation wrongly… :slight_smile:
So sorry for the confusion

Now we are on the same page :slight_smile:
Anyway, I don’t think the self-consumption value, as you describe it here, is currently accessible in HA.
I guess I could create it (in a template sensor) with energy produced by the solar panel - injected to the grid, but having that ratio in the energy dashboard would allow to have easily a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly value.

yes, I agree with that - and there are already FRs available for getting the self-sufiency implemented… :slight_smile:

And yes - it can be ‘easily’ created as a sensor in HomeAssistant (templates) - but can only be used on your customized dashboards - not in the Energy Dashboard (unfortunately)

Indeed, duplicate of Energy Management - Self Sufficiency instead of Self dependency - #7 by ichipek then

Apparently, feature has been added in 2023.7 :slight_smile: