Energy Dashboard - can´t add Water consumption

Hello there,
I am using esphome to track my water consumtion.
Everything works fine while using the normal cards in the dashboard, but somehow I cannot add my water consumption to the energy dashboard to track costs and get a better diagram.

It says that there were no capable devices found with the correct unit.

however, as far as I know my code is configured right and has the correct units.

Am I the only one with that problem or have I done something wrong? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

L for the unit. Not Liter (or Litre). See the water device class units here:

Also please don’t post pictures of text. Post the text correctly formatted for the forum.

Thanks, I´ll fix it. However, the sensor with the unit L (Litre) is only used for the actual live consumption I am using on the normal dashbord. to be correct it would need to have the unit L/time.

to see the total consumption, I created a second sensor with the unit m3.
That´s the sensor I want to add to the Energy dashboard which does not work somehow.