Energy Dashboard: Realtime Energy Distribution

The energy distribution widget in the energy dashboard is awesome. However, it would be helpful if we could have a real-time view of this. Although the daily distribution is informative, knowing the current real-time distribution will help users make better informed decisions where they don’t already have automation to do the same (e.g., switch on or off a specific appliance to maximise self-consumption and self-sufficiency).

Are you asking to see an Instantaneous use Card that can be seen in the Energy Tab?
Something like this?
If so, that’s exactly what I am looking for.
I managed to set up my energy bridge to display energy usage in the Energy tab but have been unable to find a way to display the instantaneous usage. Instead I have it displayed on one of my other pages.


There’s a Lovelace card for that in HACS: GitHub - gurbyz/power-wheel-card: An intuitive way to represent the power and energy that your home is consuming or producing. (A custom card for the Lovelace UI of Home Assistant.). Would be nice to have something like that integrated in the energy dashboard

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This looks fantastic, I’ll be checking this out. The screenshot below shows my dashboard with real-time values and the home assistant energy card (which only updates every hour). Does your card support the non-fossil view as the default one does?