Energy Dashboard: Self sufficiency gauge card

Please add a self-sufficiency gauge card to the energy dashboard. Self-sufficiency is the percentage of energy drawn from solar generation and battery storage over the total energy used in a given period, either [(EnergyFromSolar + EnergyFromStorage) / TotalEnergyUsed] or [(TotalEnergyUsed - EnergyFromGrid) / TotalEnergyUsed].

In a way, this is similar to the existing gauge card “Net returned to the grid”. However, the key difference is that the “Net returned to the grid” gauge card treats import from the grid as having the same “value” as export to the grid, which is not always true. For example, in Australia the return to grid rate is only around 29% of the grid consumption rate.

Users who are looking to improve their return on investment with solar will be monitoring both the existing self-consumption gauge card and this proposed self-sufficiency gauge card.

Duplicate of #336195