Energy Management - I think I made a blunder

On Sept 1 (before I discovered the Energy Management system in HA, which was just last night) I reset the kWh on my 4 Z-Wave devices in the wee hours of Sep 2nd. While setting this up and poking around, I was puzzled why the CA$ Cost amounts were zero:

After playing with it some more, I saw this:

which made me realize that I should NOT have reset the kWh to zero!

Trying to figure out how to recover from this. Did some reading and discovered the SQLite Web add-on which I loaded up and looked at but it only shows me records from last January. Then I realized that was probably when I changed to MariaDB:

  db_url: mysql://<user_id>:<user_password>@core-mariadb/homeassistant?charset=utf8mb4
  purge_keep_days: 60

Trying to figure out the best/quickest method to move forward…
Figure out how to delete records from MariaDB?
Change back to the HA SQLite with a new, empty database?

I’ve just discovered phpMyAdmin for MariaDB.
Which table should I be looking at to reset my energy records?

This should help

Thanks, I’ll backup the db and give it a go…

Still haven’t looked at deleting those statistics but it might just be easier to ignore that week, and September…