Energy Management in Home Assistant

It’d be really nice if this was documented somewhere? So far, this comment is the only place I’ve found this info.

Maybe somewhere linked from this blog post or from the “Understanding Home Energy Management - Home Assistant” page?


Ok I checked, the only disabled entities are uptime, firmware version etc, nothing that involves energy measurement. I also think a better documentation must be provided, I know there are many types of sensor to have energy measurement, but Shelly are very popular.

Are you sure you are using the shelly integration? Can you post a screenshot of the device panel with the disabled entities shown?

You can see exactly where/what/how the data is stored - I describe it in this post:

I’ve got a post that might be relevant

Not all of Australia. In my part of Melbourne our smart meters use a private mesh network.

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I would like to have a power display as well (ie instantaneous energy use). Possibly this can already be done using the right sensors and card, but then so could the energy dashboard.

Ok here is the screenshot from Shelly integration, the disabled entities are the black ones below.

Fair enough - forgot about that!

So there are two energy sensors there. Have you tried to add them as energy sources in ha and waited at least 2 hours for results?

If you are having problems adding them, what are the attributes of the sensors, the ones measuring in kWh?

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the energy sensors are 2 because one is from official shelly integration and one from mqtt integration (the Shelly EM is the same), added both in energy sources and now I erased also all Shelly Em data from it’s web page, I will wait and then see if in this way it works, I will give feedback if usefull for others.

Hi guys, love the new energy feature.
After hacking together the DSMR sensors on my ESPHome near the utiltiy meter it’s looking good.
That said, I swapped the tarif 1 and 2 sensors, and of course after fixing this HA got a huge spike in the readouts:

Is there any easy way to nuke this spike or reset the energy data?
Since I just started I’m fine with dropping all energy data so far.

UPDATE: after erasing shelly em data the energy bashboard begun to work, I now must find the right way to reset counters of mqtt tasmota plugs and esphome plugs if I want to start from everything with zero values, I will decide if this panel is usefull for me or not.

Why can’t I figure out where to turn on on enable the dashboard?

If you aren’t using default_config: then you need to add energy: to your configuration.yaml file.

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I’m monitoring two micro grid inverters with a sonoff dual that is capable op measuring the energy.
If I compare what the sonoff reports to what home assistant is calculating homeassistant is reporting dubble the amount.

sonoff = 1806 wh
homeassistant = 3720 wh

sonoff = 3119 wh
homeassistant = 6280 wh

I have something similar with an esp clamp setup I created myself but is not that accurate
SMA reports 7,94 kwh
Homeassistant = 18.3 kwh

Any way to redo the setup if you skip a step?

go to Configuration > Energy

Awesome thanks. For some reason I can’t seem to wrap my head around creating a returned to grid sensor.
Here is was I already have setup. Any ideas?