Energy Management - Standing charge

Common in NZ too.

Yeah common in AU too.
In the mean time i created a template sensor that does the calculations based on 2 input_number helpers. Perhaps this helps for now.

- platform: template
      unit_of_measurement: '$'
      value_template: >-
        {% set e = states.sensor.kogan_plug_09_energy_today.state|float %}
        {% set c = states.input_number.electricity_grid_cost.state|float %}
        {{ ((e * c) + states.input_number.electricity_grid_daily_charge.state|float)|round(4) }}

I’ve already got this method implemented. Now that we’ve got the new dashboard though it would be much better to have all this data in the one place rather than me still using the view I’d setup before with my own dash.

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Yep agreed. Hopefully we can influence the devs to make the needed changes in time.

Trouble is, there are so many methods of charging. This is just another…

This would be an extremely helpful addition

This would be a great addition to the energy dashboard for UK users!

I don’t have my grid consumption set up yet so I can’t try it. However you have 4 choices in HA to choose cost tracking. One of them is using an entity tracking total costs.

So why not try writing a template sensor to add in the daily costs?

Do you add the daily cost on at the start or the end of the day?

Found this thread searching for a solution to the standing charge issue.

Surely a sensor representating the cost as (kwh price) + (daily standing charge/number of usage updates) = total cost?

This would only work when there’s at least one sensor measurement which shouldn’t be an issue - though I guess that could be built in with some logic too to add the total when there’s no measurement.

So my question is - how do we get the total number of energy measurements for a given day?

Ive woken up a bit and realised that can be done easily with an automatioin and an input number just going up by one on every state change, resetting at midnight.

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There is evidence of at least three countries with this very same system, combined user base from these countries could be significant (without HA telemetry data I can’t say). So it’s definitely worth implementing from the standpoint of number of HA users served.

I don’t disagree, its just that there are a lot of charging methods to cover over different countries.

+1 for this FR

I know there are lots of variables and alternatives available, but it does seem that the Energy dashboard is aware of the concept of tariffs and that there are services to select tariffs, etc. I would imaging that it shouldn’t be difficult to include standing charges in this too.

Or, just provide a way of applying a fixed charge to the existing counters using an automation - e.g. at midnight, add “x” to that days cost for gas/electricity.

You can use a sensor for the price, so write a sensor that does this.

Would love to, but not sure how this would work. In my case I have a sensor provided by the smart meter that provides the current kWh cost (separate for gas & elec), and have a daily standing charge. How would you construct a sensor to incorporate both that would then be interpreted correctly by the energy setup?

My solution detailed here if needed but you have it more or less.

If your energy company gives you the supply charge in a sensor there is an option to refer to a sensor for the value of how to charge each kwh. I just wrote the supply charge cost in the per kWh.

This was first discussed 6 months ago. Does anyone know if its been implemented?

nothing as of yet.

So how, and where (if not here) do we ask for this?

It’s not a trivial user community (GB, Aus, NZ, IE plus others), and some users may never need to use yaml, so are locked out of properly tracking energy costs.

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