"Energy" - Where are the water device_classes

I have an ESP_Home devices reading pulses from a flow meter. I am receiving L/hr and also total water used.

Im trying to add this device to “Energy” section of Home assistant however I get “No matching statistics found”

This is from the EPS_Home device:

  • platform: template
    id: lifetime_counter
    name: “Water Total”
    unit_of_measurement: “l”
    state_class: “total_increasing”
    accuracy_decimals: 0
    update_interval: 5s

from config:
source: sensor.water_total
cycle: hourly

The Energy section seems to talk about Gas and Electricity but not water although there are some references to water in relation to “Energy”

There doesn’t seem to be a device_class relating to a water sensor here
Sensor Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs (using energy doesn’t make it appear either)

Does any one have a water monitoring setup (we are on tank water) so its great to know use, predicted use, water reserves - lots of stuff to monitor but I can’t seem to get it into Energy!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Water isn’t a source of energy in the home. Gas is, and it will be added next release. Also in next release is the ability for all sensors to use long term statistics.

Also also please have a read of this, particularly point 11: Help us help you

Hey Tom, I think I’ve been confused about the utility.meter and the Energy section of Home assist - they are completely different - some people are using ulility.meter to feed ‘Energy’ data

To clarify if it create the utility_meter in the configuration file; does it essentially create new sensors based on the (in my case sensor.water_total) that breaks down into the brackets i’ve selected daily/hourly etc? These sensors could then be used elsewhere? (ie “Energy” or a completely new dashboard or input)

It would be great to add Water as a resource “I get its not energy” but its certainly a resource that can be visualised the same way (for people with water tanks being filled/emptied) individual devices using differing amounts of water)

Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the formatting no amount of ``` seemed to format the yaml!

Yes exactly that.

Well no, you can’t use water sensors in the Energy application, but yes you can use them in any dashboard.

There’s a feature request section here: