Enocean Eltako FUD61NPN

Hey guys,

great project. So i started with my Smart Home project and i bought me some Enoceon featured devices like FT55 and some aktor FUD61NPN which should be supported.

that is my light.yaml configuratoin so far

  • platform: enocean
    id: [0x1A,0x86,0x24,0xC]
    sender_id: [0xFE,0xFA,0x05,0x3B]
    id is clear its the id which is printed on the back of the dimmer, right?
    but what is the sender_id? Is it the id of the binary_sensor which is paired with the dimmer?

Thats somehow unclear to me. I bought also the BSC enoceon stick and brought it to run at least i can see the push button messages in the homeassistant.log file

Any who uses a similar setup i would very much appreciate your help and infos.


If you have perhaps also Domoticz, with Domoticz you can read
the sender ID. Simple, pluginn the USB 300 and add it in the
hardwaresection. Then push the button on the sender en read
in the logflile the ID. I have this done with the STM 330 (sensor)…

Little bit late reaction perhaps… (sorry for my bad Englisch)

For anybody still struggling, see my post here: EnOcean - Configure FUD61, how to get 'sender_id'