Enocean FT55

Only from home-assistant’s log output. The switches generate one signal for press and one for a release:

... Bus:Handling <Event button_pressed[L]: which=1, pushed=1, id=[0, 0, 0, 0], onoff=0>
... Bus:Handling <Event button_pressed[L]: which=1, pushed=0, id=[0, 0, 0, 0], onoff=0>

The FT55 has four switches. Let’s call them left-up, left-down, right-up and right-down. I won’t assciate any values to the names since the switch can be rotated by 180 degrees.

Due to the rocker design the left switches and the right switches are grouped. The group is identified by the ‘which’ field in the event data (0 or 1).

The ‘onoff’ field identifies the up or down switch (also 0 or 1).

‘pushed’ is 1 for the button press and 0 for the release. The two events could be used to distinguish short and long presses or closing blinds as long as the button is pressed.

‘id’ is the enocean id of the switch (used in the binary_sensor definition and printed on the switch).

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Thank you so much @jannau, will check it out right away. One more question, how do you see the home assistants log output?

@christianhau depends on your system

btw: I created PR2145 request to document the events in the enocean binary sensor documentation.

Good stuff, better documentation would be awesome. I am running this on a raspberry pi, will try to google some more to find how to access the running logs, thanks again!


did you get it to work? Iam totally struggling with the implemantion of my enocean featured devices so far.

FT55 i see the pushed button messages in the homeassistant.log but iam unable to send anything from HA to the devices how are you doing that? i have BSC 300 USB dongle connected to my machine.

Please i would very much appreciate any help from you guys.


What kind of devices? If it’s not mentioned home-assistant enocean component documentation it might need changes to work. I have only FT55 wall switches.


thx for reply.

I have Ft55 switches 2 Frud61npn dimmers and a Nodon Smart plug Asp-2-1-10.

I do see the button pressed and released actions in he log. But nothing changes in the gui i know there is no saved state for the Ft55. I wanna send things to the dimmers and switches from Ha gui but nothing happens. I am also not sure how to pair my aktors like dimmer with bsc usb dongle.

If you could help me out i would be very thankful. I almost setuped all my needs with ha and i like the look and feel but iam unable to talk with my “smart” helpefs to automate things.

With FHEM for example i played around yesterday and i was able to at least pair the decices over usb dongle.

thx in advance

The FT55 switches just send events. The log is the only indication of them but you can use them in automations, see the documentation for an example.

As I said I only have the EnoceanPi receiver/transmitter and FT55 switches so I have no experience with other devices. The pairing is not implemented in HA but if you did the pairing with fhem it might be possible that the devices now work.


I have bought a USB300 EnOcean USB stick and an Eltako FT55 switch and set them up in Home Assistant. In the Home Assistant log file I see messages like these when I push one of the buttons on the Eltako FT55 switch:

2017-10-20 20:32:18 DEBUG (Thread-22) [enocean.communicators.Communicator] FE:F8:D1:34->FF:FF:FF:FF (-76 dBm): 0x01 [‘0xf6’, ‘0x0’, ‘0xfe’, ‘0xf8’, ‘0xd1’, ‘0x34’, ‘0x20’] [‘0x2’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0x4c’, ‘0x0’] {}

The problem is I don’t know the ID of the Eltako FT55 switch. The documentation states that the ID is a 4 bytes long number which is written on the device. As example the following ID is given in the documentation: 0x01,0x90,0x84,0x3C. I don’t see such number on the device, but I see this ID on the back of the switch: FEF8D134. Is that the ID which I need to enter? If so, how do I convert this to 4 hex values?

I would like to use the FT55 switch in an automation: if a certain button is pressed, then something happens, like turning on/off a Hue light. Thanks for reading.

Hello Ctrl-Alt,

“FE:F8:D1:34” should be the right ID. It’s a number in hex, written in code as “0xFE, 0xF8, 0xD1, 0x34”. 1 Byte in hex has two digits from ‘00’ till ‘FF’ or in decimal 0 till 255. So far for that lesson :wink:
Interesting that your Log gives it in Hex, my one does output in decimal.
At the moment i have many problems with this enocean too. With an old config i could see the status of my switches (binary_sensors) FT55. But never got one of the actors running. Have the same FUD61NPN Dimmer as onedread. Maybe the pairing is missing but FHEM doesn’t work too. :frowning:

hi there…

do anyone get this running???
I bought the usb300 adapter + a FT55 switch to test… I get the same results as @Ctrl-Alt

Yes, I was able to get the EnOcean component up and running. It works very good.

Hi !!
Sorry to come back to this topic, but there is no many documentations about EnOcean…
How could we have the state of the buttons in attributes of the object ?

Thank you !

See my post here: EnOcean - Configure FUD61, how to get 'sender_id'

this might help.

Hello guys,

I have problems with my senic bridge, after installation of hoppe window handle sensor, the senic bridge stopped working.
That’s why i decided to try to implement my nuimo click switches directly to hassio.

I added the USB 300 to my config, this works fine.
After that i read the ID’s of my sensors with Dolphinview.
Now i get this debug message:

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2020-04-14 08:58:31 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.enocean] Received radio packet: 00:35:BD:C8->FF:FF:FF:FF (-91 dBm): 0x01 ['0xf6', '0x10', '0xID1', '0xID2', '0xID3', '0xID3', '0x30'] ['0x0', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0x5b', '0x0'] OrderedDict()

The 0x10 is for button 1, 0x30 = button 1, 0x50 button 3, 0x70 button 5.

I created the switch in the config:

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  - platform: enocean
    name: enocean_nuimo_click_kuche
    id: [0xID1,0xID2,0xID3,0xID4]

Now i wanted to create a automation for each button, but could not get it working.

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    - ID1
    - ID2
    - ID3
    - ID4
  onoff: 0
  pushed: 1
  which: 10

Can anyone help me with the automation?
That would be awesome, so i can get rid of the senic bridge…
Best regards,

Hey Dominik,

try setting it up this way:

The trigger is button_pressed, take a look at the binary_sensor paragraph of the Enocean integrations page (especially the bottom part) https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/enocean/#binary-sensor

Hello fedot,
Thank you for this awesome hint.
It works with every of the four buttons.

But it always fires twice, there are always two button_pressed events in the list.
If i go into debugging, there is only one command.
Can you help me to solve this last issue?
Best Regards,

It generates two events because of pressed/released both are events. Check the data of the Event to see what Happens.

Correct. You have to specify pushed: 1 for the button press or pushed: 0 for the button release
You could do some stuff with that, i.e. fire a script on pushed: 1 and have a wait template for the pushed: 0 event, so you could have “hold button” effects

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Thanks for quick reply:
Yes i saw both events in the debug:

2020-06-08 10:44:05 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.enocean] Received radio packet: 00:35:AE:E2->FF:FF:FF:FF (-92 dBm): 0x01 ['0xf6', '0x10', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY'] ['0x0', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0x5c', '0x0'] OrderedDict()
2020-06-08 10:44:06 DEBUG (Thread-2) [homeassistant.components.enocean] Received radio packet: 00:35:AE:E2->FF:FF:FF:FF (-92 dBm): 0x01 ['0xf6', '0x0', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY', '0xYY'] ['0x0', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0xff', '0x5c', '0x0'] OrderedDict()

But there where two identical button_pressed events.
I had a look in my configuration.yaml and saw there where two binary sensors for that switch, that caused the problem.
After deleting one, i only got one button pressed event.

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